RF 100 Speed End Mills

RF 100 Speed End Mills RF 100 Speed End Mills RF 100 Speed End Mills RF 100 Speed End Mills

HPC milling in steel and VA

With expanded 5-Speed offering plus NEW 7-Speed end mills

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About RF 100 Speed End Mills

Machining record (1000 cm3 / min)! Gühring and Chiron

Gühring and Chiron, unbeatable together! The two companies have together set an incredible machining record: 1000 cm3 of steel/min! The interaction of machine dynamics and milling stability makes such cutting volumes possible and will make hearts beat faster in mould making, aerospace and the automotive industry. The single-spindle FZ16 S five axis from Chiron meets the special requirements for accuracy in 5-axis machining. In combination with the GTC (Gühring Trochoidal Cutting) Ratio milling cutter RF 100 Speed from Gühring, a metal removal rate of 1,000 cm³ steel (16MnCr5) per minute was achieved. Machining center and milling cutter score with outstanding performances in dynamics and productivity. Chip breaker and extreme cutting edge length on the cutter ensure an extreme soft cut and very smooth running. Previous vibration analyses and the GTC milling strategy guarantee process stability and thus more parts with the highest accuracy, especially in HPC and rough milling.

RF 100 5-Speed

The 38 degree helix angle and unequal flute spacing ensure smooth, quiet operation while the open 5-flute design provides efficient chip evacuation. 5-Speed end mills are designed for high-speed machining while utilizing the entire length of the cutting edge. The dished center of the face geometry allows for ramp angles exceeding 10 degrees.

Available from stock:

5-flute with corner radii (short through XL lengths, inch diameters)
5-flute with corner chamfer and chipbreakers (std and long, inch or metric)
5-flute with corner radius and chipbreakers (long length, metric)

RF 100 7-Speed

With a 32 degree helix angle and unequal flute spacing, this 7-flute end mill offers extreme productivity with reduced contact points and low-vibration machining. The 7-Speed family of end mills have a specialized face geometry allowing the tool to step down 5% of the diameter per revolution in helical milling applications.

Available from stock:

7-flute with corner chamfer and chipbreakers, standard and long length inch diameters
7-flute with corner chamfer and chipbreakers, long length metric diameters

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